One Magic Moment: A Heartwarming Celebration of Joy

Here at the JEGantic restaurant group, the creators of favorites like Bord’Elle, Hang, The Farsides, Muzique and our newest star, Yoko Luna, we do more than craft exquisite meals; we weave dreams and foster community connections. This past year, we raised the bar with our annual “One Magic Moment” event at Yoko Luna, resonating with the melodic heartbeat of Montreal.

This was no ordinary event. We joined forces with Twinkl, a ray of hope dedicated to educational enrichment for children in less privileged communities across Montreal. Our vision was a space where creativity soared, laughter echoed, and the holiday spirit shone as brightly as the city’s lights – a melody of joy and togetherness.

Transforming Yoko Luna into a magical wonderland, we hosted over 120 incredible kids, turning the venue into a symphony of dreams. But, there was a unique twist – it was not just about entertainment. In harmony with Twinkl, we introduced an innovative educational element. Imagine Christmas activity packs filled with puzzles, crafts, and activities, all designed to ignite curiosity and joy, much like a captivating song.

The enchantment continued as these little stars arrived at our dream gala, greeted by a Twinkl activity station brimming with creative and interactive learning experiences. This was our ode to the transformative power of education, all wrapped in the festive cheer of the season.

When it came time to dine, Twinkl‘s customized menu mats added an interactive and creative touch to the meal at Yoko Luna, allowing each child to add their unique flair to the event. “One Magic Moment” is more than just an event; it’s a symbol of our dedication to nurturing young minds, giving back to our community, and celebrating the harmony that makes the holiday season so special. We were honored to collaborate with Twinkl and other partners who shared our vision and helped bring it to life.

Let’s make “One Magic Moment” a recurring chorus of joy and happiness for the years to come!