How many rooms does Muzique have?

Muzique is comprised of three areas.

A vibrant nocturnal playground designed with luxury in mind, Muzique's Main Room is a chic exclusive setting designed to perfection for the delectation of the fashionable and desirable of Montreal. Home to a one of a kind intelligent wall of lights creating a sophisticated and cutting-edge nightclub atmosphere. Featuring luxurious VIP booths, a Swarowski Crystal ball and a custom built gold record laden dj booth, the room is truly a sight to behold. On the cutting edge of modern design, Muzique's Main Room is the ultimate place to experience the high life. Priding itself on its attention to musical detail, on a nightly basis you can find the worlds best DJ's playing a mixture of house, electro and high energy live mash ups for the cities tastemakers and trendsetters while revelers flock the dance floor.

Standing at the vanguard of style, elegance and originality, the stately premises of Muzique's Imperial room has become a place to be and to be seen. Inside, rich colours and opulent textures surround the space, with stunning examples of Victorian era furnishing and old world glamour. Featuring individually hand crafted VIP booths, antique chandeliers and a one of a kind grand piano DJ booth, this room was designed with the fashionable and the affluent of La Belle Ville in mind. With the city's premier tablists providing the soundtrack with a melange of classic pop hits, sexy r&b and a touch of rock 'n roll, a night in Muzique's Imperial Room leaves you with a feeling you thought you'd forgotten.

Located high in the sky overlooking the liveliness of Montreal's main, Muzique's prestigious and exclusive open air Rooftop Terrasse is Montreal's premier exterior party destination. With its view of Mount Royal, golden lighting scheme, imported granite bar and tabletops, and a classic Mediterranean cedar structure, the stylish decor combines textures and surfaces rich in contrast and nuance giving a unique feel of exclusivity. Designed to create a place where parties can live side-by-side with corporate and cultural events. Whether it be the business person enjoying a refreshing after work cocktail or the experienced clubber soaking in the scene at a V.I.P table. The breathtaking scenery of Muzique's Rooftop Terrasse is truly a luxurious treat, making this hot spot the ideal location to take in he ambiance of Montreal during the day or night.

What are Muzique's hours of operation?

Muzique is open on a weekly basis on Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 10pm to 3am. The rooftop patio and the entire club are available for rent for your private events during the day and between Monday and Thursday.

How much is admission into Muzique?

Standard admission to Muzique is 15.00$ but may increase for certain special events and holiday weekends.

How do I sign up for the guest list at Muzique?

Please log on to and click the "guestlist" button and fill in the form. A Muzique representative will reply to confirm your request.

How do I purchase tickets at Muzique?

Please log on to and click the "ticket" button and fill in the form.

How do I reserve a table for bottle service at Muzique?

Please log on to and click the "reservations" button and fill in the form. A Muzique representative will reply to confirm your request and collect your credit card info, number of people in your group and to help you select the best possible area of the club for your party to have the maximum amount of fun on your big night out.

How much are bottles at Muzique?

Our bottle menu ranges from 195.00$ to 7995$.

How much are tax and gratuity at Muzique?

Taxes are already factored into our prices. Gratuity is at your discretion however the majority of our guests tip in the area of 20 percent..

How do I find out about upcoming events at Muzique?

Join our Facebook page and check our website often for up to the minute dj bookings and announcements.

What type of music will be played at Muzique?

The Main Room music is mainly electronic based. The Imperial Room music is mainly urban based.

What is the dress code at Muzique?

Semi-Formal attire is required of all our guests. At Muzique we believe in dressing for the occasion.

How do I book a private event at Muzique?

Please send your request to and include the style of event, date, amount of people you would be expecting, if catering is required and your budget.

What do you do for birthdays at Muzique?

At Muzique we offer all of guests celebrating birthdays and who reserve a table a complimentary bottle of bubbly in a nightly bottle gifting ceremony.

What do you do for bachelorette parties at Muzique?

At Muzique we offer all of our guests celebrating bachelorettes and who have reserved a table a complimentary bottle of bubbly in a nightly bottle gifting ceremony and a 2 for 1 deal on their first bottle purchased.

Muzique code of conduct

Management Reserves all rights to control entrance into the venue including pre-purchased ticket holders. Management may refuse entry to any ticket holder as they see fit including, but not limited to, Dress Code violations, intoxicated patrons, unruly patrons, and patrons with illegal substances or carrying out illegal or anti acts. For seamless entry, please plan accordingly.